Processing the Past & the Future: Using Conscious and Unconscious Resources - Dr Dan Short





6 August 2022 Live & On Demand


UK: 15:00 – 22:00
North America: 10:00 – 17:00 EST / 7:00 – 14:00 PST

CPD & CE credits available: 6


TRAINING information

This online training is streaming live on the 6th August 2022.

The digital recording will be released to all participants on the 8th August. The recording and associated resources will then be accessible through your Essential Therapy Training account for 365 days.


For this fascinating topic, Dr. Dan Short will demonstrate the benefits of being able to meet the client at his or her point of need. For some people, they need help with the past, such as after having a traumatic childhood. But for others their point of concern is the future, such as finding a healthy mate or starting a family. And of course, many others need help across all dimensions of time. In order to always feel relevant, a therapist must know how to work in the temporal context that drives the motivation for change.

Practicing as an Ericksonian therapist for nearly thirty years, Dr. Short has a great deal of experience of working with the client’s unconscious resources as well as conscious resources. After seeing that some clients (and some therapists) are uncomfortable with hypnosis, Dr. Short began teaching others how to engage people’s unconscious intelligence in problem solving endeavors without requiring altered states of consciousness or dependency on suggestion. The research-based methods Dr. Short teaches rely mostly on creative imagination and symbolic imagery. These techniques, which include: mental contrasting, implementation intentions, prediction, reimagining, and incubated cognition; are transtheoretical, meaning that they can be incorporated into any school of thought. But even more important than these techniques are the foundational principles that frame this growth-oriented approach to psychotherapy.

As will quickly become apparent, Dr. Short has transformed unconscious process work into a natural activity that clients can enjoy. With these new skills, participants will learn how to empower their clients with unexpected possibilities. This seminar will be an impressive mix of history, live demonstrations, inspiring clinical examples, and opportunities for hands-on practice. It is a learning opportunity that will be highly interactive, with everyone encouraged to join in the discussion.

Learning Objectives

  • Know how to engage creative imagination using the research-based method of mental contrasting for goal-oriented problem-solving.
  • Know how to set implementation intentions for automatic goal pursuit.
  • Know how to establish positive self-fulfilling prophecies using probabilistic prediction.
  • Know how to alter unconscious attitudes and motivations using reimagining.
  • Know how to engage incubated cognition for unconscious problem-solving.
  • Know how to transform traumatic experiences into post traumatic growth.

About the Speaker

Dan Short has thirty years of experience as a practicing clinical psychologist. He serves as director for the Milton H. Erickson Institute of Phoenix and on the educational board for the International Society of Hypnosis (ISH).

Dr. Short has authored numerous books, which include: Hope and Resiliency (in co-authorship with Betty Alice Erickson and Roxanna Erickson Klein); Transformational Relationships; also, From William James to Milton Erickson: The Care of Human Consciousness; and most recently, Making Psychotherapy More Effective with Unconscious Process Work. Dr. Short’s scholarship includes numerous journal articles, book chapters, and other publications, such as authorship of a research-based treatment manual for Ericksonian therapy (ET), which is used by training institutes around the world. In addition to private practice work, Dr. Short routinely provides training and supervision of professionals in the United States and abroad, presenting at large conferences and at workshops as visiting faculty at institutes around the world.


7:00AM 3:00pm Begin lecture: Mental Contrasting & Prediction (the Future)
           Demonstration by Dr. Short
8:30AM 4:30pm 15-minute break
  Experiential practice (brief demo, partner work, debriefing)
10:00AM 6:00pm —   Break for mealtime   —
11:00AM 7:00pm Resume lecture: Reimagining & Incubated Cognition (the Past)
  Demonstration by Dr. Short
12:30PM 8:30pm 15-minute break
  Experiential practice (brief demo, partner work, debriefing)
2:00PM 10:00pm Closing remarks with time for questions & answers


CPD & CE credits available: 6

How do I receive these credits?

The participant must pass the multiple-choice test with a minimum score of 80%. There is a maximum of three attempts to achieve this.

The post-test is included in the price of the training.

Does my regulatory body accept the credits?

The CPD & CE credits awarded can be used towards your declaration to any governing regulatory body in your state or country, provided the content is relevant to your discipline.

Our trainings are accredited by:

– The CPD Group, London
– Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association
– Australian Counselling Association

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Processing the Past & the Future: Using Conscious and Unconscious Resources - Dr Dan Short

6 August 2022 Live & On Demand

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