Our CPD / CE Credentials

What does CPD/CE mean, and more importantly what does it entail? 

It represents the holistic progression of pursuing and documenting the proficiencies, competencies, knowledge, and experience that one achieves both officially and informally as one works beyond their initial professional education and training.

It is a documentation and verification of what you experience, acquired knowledge and then the application into practice. It is the accumulation of skills and proficiency during a clinician’s career.

Essential Therapy Training provide training led by world class facilitators that enable a practitioner to participate in engaging proactive workshops. Our CPD/CE accredited courses organise distinctive methodologies in acquiring knowledge and new practical skills.

Accredited CPD/CE training means the learning activity has attained the necessary Continuing Professional Development paradigms and benchmarks. The learning significance has been scrutinised to confirm integrity and excellence. All Essential Therapy Training reach this high standard.

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