Discrimination and Disability Policy

Essential Therapy Training Ltd is committed to promoting a compassionate and value-based philosophy within our institution. This is relevant towards all clients, customers, affiliates, employees, and any others associated with our organisation.

Aspiration and Ethos

The Equality Act 2010 safeguards all individuals in the protected classifications as defined by the Act, elements of this Act can be accessed by clicking here. All persons are considered equal in the areas of work opportunity or as members of the public, or professional speakers wishing to engage or participate in one of our training events. A fair, equitable and respectful approach is applied at all times.

By applying such protective measures enables our innovative training promotions to reflect and augment an inclusive atmosphere and milieu.

Observing Cultural Proficiency

Exhibiting an empathetic sensitivity to all cultural observations and ethnic perspectives is tantamount to our directive. Rejecting rigid and restricted viewpoints is crucial to our flexible approach to multifarious cultural perceptions. Compassion and knowledge in the area of social competency is critical and fundamental to our operations.  

All contractors, speakers and academics who deliver training are expected and required to display a similar ethos. This applies to all employees and associates as well. These practices are highlighted in our signed contractual agreements. 

Hiring Protocol

Candidates and applicants wishing to retain employment with our organisation are chosen based on their qualifications, experience, selected ability, and aptitude for the particular position.  The same principle applies to speakers, trainers, contractors, and other affiliates providing a service to Essential Therapy Training.

The selection of the aforementioned groups including those under-represented and individuals with disabilities, people considered from cultural and indigenous groups, or religious minorities, will be made by the utilisation of the 2011 amendment to the Equality Act 2010 referred to as Positive Action Provisions.

We support comments, observations and insights from our employees, contracted colleagues, and clients on their involvement and experience of our organisation in our management of diversity and inclusion. This process permits us to consistently measure and evaluate our efficacy in contributing to overall equality and fairness.

This policy will be scrutinised and appraised annually to confirm that equality and diversity is maintained and endorsed in the workplace. All employees are informed of our Discrimination and Diversity Policy and where it can be accessed. We highlight and advocate that any form of harassment, discriminatory practice, or exclusion will not be abided or endured under any circumstances.

It is our ultimate aim that we  accommodate all members of the public and customers, regardless of disability, and if you require assistance please get in contact with admin@essentialtherapytraining.com 

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