Specialist Supportive Clinical Management (SSCM) for Anorexia Nervosa - Jenny Jordan


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NBCC Hours: 1.5

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TRAINING information

Specialist Supportive Clinical Management (SSCM) is a psychotherapy with a growing body of evidence in the treatment of anorexia nervosa. It was originally developed as an active pragmatic control treatment for more specialised therapies in a clinical trial for anorexia nervosa but is now included as a bone fide therapy in a number of treatment guidelines.

SSCM has two distinct components: clinical management, which involves alleviation of the symptoms of anorexia nervosa, particularly focusing on weight gain via resumption of normal eating; and a supportive psychotherapeutic approach to issues identified by the patient as important, including life issues that may impact on the eating disorder.

This presentation will include an overview of SSCM: its origins in clinical management and supportive psychotherapy and an outline of existing research with SSCM. Key therapeutic strategies will be described, and common and distinct features highlighted. Current and possible future applications of SSCM will be discussed.

Learning Objectives

After this presentation, participants will be aware of:

  1. The origins of SSCM
  2. Evidence so far
  3. SSCM framework and core strategies
  4. Distinct and shared factors

About Jenny

Jenny Jordan is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychological Medicine, University of Otago, Christchurch, New Zealand where she undertakes research and teaching on postgraduate mental health and addiction papers. She also works as a clinical psychologist for the Canterbury District Health Board Specialist Mental Health Clinical Research Unit in psychotherapy research studies and in an outpatient alcohol and drug service. Her clinical research activities include comparative psychotherapy trials for mental health disorders, with a focus on factors influencing psychotherapy outcomes. She leads the Costs of Eating Disorders in New Zealand collaboration and co-leads the New Zealand arm of the EDGI study, the international genetics of eating disorders consortium. She has been an investigator and therapist on two randomised controlled trials for eating disorders: the original trial where SSCM was utilised for anorexia nervosa, and a trial of cognitive therapies for bulimia nervosa or binge eating disorder.


NBCC Hours: 1.5

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Specialist Supportive Clinical Management (SSCM) for Anorexia Nervosa - Jenny Jordan

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